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We offer a variety of in person and online courses, as well as weekly lessons.
Please feel free to reach out to find the best fit for you.



This course is progressive - but not lateral, so you can join anytime!

Come experience equine behavior in a practical and hands on environment! Learn basic horse body language, herd communication and equine social cues in a self paced, safe scenario, where you’ll come away with more self awareness and knowledge of your own energy than you could’ve ever imagined! You’ll also learn basic safety and handling lessons, anatomy, horsemanship, barn management, and grooming.  

Class will be held Tuesdays 10-1130, Wednesdays 4-5:30, and Thursdays 2-330

Full course and all materials

$249, sibling discount available

Session size is limited to 6, be sure to sign up early! 

Because we value YOUR safety, we’re not going to pressure you or those you love into doing something faster than they’re comfortable with and will always keep everyone’s best interest at heart.

We’re not going to make you buy special clothes, dress a certain way or force you to do things before you’re ready- We aim to make this course affordable, inclusive, and understanding of everyone’s individual needs… horses included!

Message, call, or email us for questions or to sign up! We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Upon completion you’ll have a better understanding of equine herd dynamics, behaviors and overall health. Graduates will receive a certificate of completions, prolific photos, as well as any materials given along the way for your records.  

Curriculum (these are topics we will be covering, the weeks may change)

Week one- 

  • Introduction to the horses

  • Herd observation 

  • Barn rules

  • Introduction to equipment 

  • Basic safety guidelines 

Week two- 

  • Review past week

  • Introduction to handling

  • Introduction to grooming

  • Anatomy part 1

Week three-

  • Review (Anatomy, herd members and safety)

  • Handling and Grooming review

  • Anatomy part 2

  • Review herd communication 

Week four-

  • Review

  • Anatomy part 3

  • Handling and grooming review 

  • Introduction to equine body language 

Week five-

  • Review

  • Introduction to barn management 

Introduction to equine nutrition (compare domestic and wild)

  • Handling and grooming

Week six-

  • Review and finish packets

  • Short verbal quiz

  • Certificate and completion 



Our Online Instructor Course

I understand how hard it is when our herd becomes old, injured or burned out. I've designed this course to guide other instructors to build a quality, personalized, accessible and herd friendly equine experience for your clients. Your first zoom meeting is FREE! I want you to see the value of working together. 

I offer my online course on a sliding scale, (from $249 to $999), feel free to choose a fee in the range you’re comfortable with. 

I do this to offer my services to clients in every income bracket without diminishing the value of the course. Currently, I DO have limited lower scale spots available! When they are closed, I will put you on a waitlist and let you know when one opens up. 

OTHC will give you the confidence to start producing quality, personalized, progressive, unmounted experiences for your students, so regardless of the weather (or herd soundness) you keep your barn on budget. 

During our 4 zoom meetings we deep dive into your business, brainstorm and find different techniques to grow it. I LOVE thinking outside the box, and can’t wait to help you build your own unique program truly highlighting your own personality. All of our materials are designed to be edited to YOUR herd and can be duplicated for use by your students.

Currently scheduling for June 2023



We will be continuing classes this September, Please reach out if you're interested in joining us.

We cover topics including colic, hurricane preparedness, R+ training tools, basic first aid and trailering, as well as inviting local experts in different fields (farrier, saddle fitter etc). Please feel free to email us to get a copy of the 2023 schedule! 

We aim to build a community of like minded local individuals, and look forward to working with you! 

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