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Our Mission Statement

To educate and enlighten humans on equine awareness and encourage empathy and communication with both humans and horses.

We aim to teach safe, effective and science based methods of training, ensure comfort
(emotional and physical) of our clients and horses and build a community of helpfulness highlighting peer lead education.

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Therese Grittner

Therese has been teaching beginners for 20 years and has spent countless hours volunteering at local 4-H and FFA activities. She believes in helping build a whole horse person, not just a rider. Therese has set this program to encourage the “barn-rat” mentality and give our members the best all-around experience at the barn. She practices safety first, and knows how to teach thru play! Therese will prep your child (or you!) for the next step (showing, horse ownership, etc.). Our format encourages communication between equine and human, teaches time management and personal responsibility.

Kate Leitch BS RBT

Kate has been specializing working with autistic children for over 12 years. A lifelong equine enthusiast and practicing RBT are an amazing combination for our students. She is excited to work with her students while combining her passions (and knowledge) of horses and her formal education.

Both instructors offer lessons, teach the POH course and LOVE introducing new folks to the herd.

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