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Equine Enthusiast Continuing Education is specially geared towards horse owners with questions. 

Teaching through years of experiences (and many many failures) Therese takes the time to explain the details of the little things you've always wanted to know but didn't know who to ask. From colic to foaling, trailer driving and basic equine first aid, this bi-weekly group meets at the barn for hands on demonstrations and practice. Bring a group and learn together while relaxing on our beautiful Johns Island farm.

Our first meeting is April 29th from 5-7 (covering emergency colic, preparedness and preparation and rehabilitation) and we can arrange childcare at the barn! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Preregistration is required. You can register for the complete course for $350, or individual classes for $75.

May 13th - Incorporating R+ into your routine to make your equine life easier, and build your relationship with your horse. 

May 27th-Traveling with your horse (how to safety check, pack, change a tire, drive and back a trailer) - you're welcome to bring your own rig!

June 10th - Foals and breeding - Our newest addition, Fly will be leading our discussion for this meeting of the EECE

June 24th - First Aid (building your kit and how to use it, including leg wraps and hoof wrapping) 

Equine Enthusiast Continuing Education: Courses
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